What after FI ?? Plan for the first year’s adventure (The last three are closest to my heart)


I have been working towards FI since last couple of years but still don’t have a clear answer to ‘What After FI???’ Unlimited pondering….. but still no answer. Here is my solution

– Create free time in life

– Let new experiences enter your life

– On your way, you will find your passion

Now that I am so close to FI, we (Me and my wife) talk a lot about ‘Life After FI’. We have decided that the theme for the 1st year is going to be ‘Relish New Experiences’. For now the plan for first year is as follows (This is just the first draft – All suggestions are welcomed!)

1 month: Delhi with my parents. I am out of the country since last 1 year and that’s why want to spend quality time with my parents. Enjoy with friends & family, visit historical places, watch lot of movies in multiplex, watch plays etc (Needless to say,  as much as possible, these activities will be done with my parents)

1 month:  Gwalior with my wife’s parents. Again same rationale – Spend quality time with my wife’s parents. Most of my wife’s family is involved in business – I will be on a look out to get some exposure to their business (How they run it, what are the challenges that they are facing etc)

2 months:  Now the exciting part starts 🙂 !!! 2 exclusive months for travel !!!! For now we have decided that in these 2 months we will be covering 2 states of India – 1 month in Gujarat & 1 month in Maharashtra. The obvious question – Why these two states?

Reasons for selecting Gujarat – Firstly, I have never been to Gujarat before. Secondly, the state has been in lot of news because of Modi & the development that the state has undergone under his leadership. I want to experience the development myself.

Reasons for selecting Maharashtra – Foremost there are lot of places my wife wants to visit that happen to be in Maharashtra (My wife forced me to add this sentence as after reading this post she complained that she has not been given due importance and threatened to boycott the blog…. Wife will always remain Wife !!! :-). To save this blog, I had to abide!!!). Moreover the state is close to Gujarat.

For now, we have decided to have two such exclusive travel months every year and plan to cover 2 states of the country in a similar fashion.

3 months: Volunteer with an NGO working in calamity area. We haven’t done any research yet. What we have in mind is an NGO that sends volunteers to calamity affected areas & does things to provide immediate relief to people affected by the calamity. Please let us know if you are aware of any such good NGO

2 months: Stay in a very remote village within India. Again we haven’t done research to shortlist the village. We plan to shortlist a backward village which is devoid of proper infrastructure & connectivity. We will stay in the village for 2 months – will do farming, build relationships with villagers and try to develop the village and bring positive change in villagers life

3 months: Stay in a country (Preferably a country which has a weaker currency than India :-))- Experience the life in the country, make friends, visit places, if possible work there (Obviously not for money but for experience), learn more about the  culture, pursue any local hobby etc. The motive here is to feel the new culture of the country and  enjoy it. This idea is inspired by this interview between J.D.Roth & Tim Ferriss.

And the first year will come to an end 🙂 Currently the research is on to come up with the 1 month Gujarat trip itinerary. Will keep sharing updates with you all.

Also during this 1 year, we will brainstorm how to spend next 1 year and will also try to come up with 5 year, 10 year & 20 year plan/goals for ourself.

Looking forward to this new phase of life!!!! 🙂


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