Finally kicking off new phase of our life – Going on a 5 months sabbatical on 1st June 2016

football-389405Finally finally finally 🙂 Yes Yes Yes !!!! We are going on a 5 months sabbatical to get a feel of how life is without a full time corporate job 🙂 After the sabbatical, there is a possibility that Vivek will join back corporate job with replenished energy and enthusiasm or he might enjoy sabbatical so much that he might decide to discontinue the corporate job soon.. It is all about choices, choices and choices… that’s what FI is all about. Right? 🙂
Pari’s (Our beloved daughter) comment – ‘Daddy, Nice that you have used 3 words 3 times in this para, you should do this with all the words as I am 3 years old

It feels like deja vu…. Around 2 years back, Vivek had similar plans but at the last moment, circumstances changed and Vivek was pulled back into corporate job crushing his grand plans

This time, again Vivek has planned out things with rejuvenated determination of not letting anything crush the plans (Koshika’s comment – Vivek said this last time as well… Huh!!). Vivek is going on a 5 month sabbatical on 1st June 2016 and will be joining back on 1st Nov 2016 and we plan to spend all these 5 months in India. Hurray!!

Research is still going on and on on daily basis, we keep adding/removing things … Choices, choices and choices, That’s what FI is all about! 🙂
Pari’s comment – Good job daddy!! Now you need to say this one more time, remember I am 3 years old.

Few things that are almost finalized

June 2016

  • Spend 15 days in Gwalior, Guna and Etawah (All are small towns of India) with Koshika’s family (Koshika’s comment – Vivek, you are not getting dinner today. How dare you call Gwalior a small town. And you forgot to mention my bday??? :-X)
  • 5 days trip to Lansdowne (A hill station in India) with Vivek’s cousins and sister. It is after ages that we are spending quality time like this with them
  • Remaining days we will be in Delhi with Vivek’s parents

July 2016 – This is going to be the most exciting month. We are going to do something that we always wanted to do but never could because of full time jobs

  • We are full time volunteering with an NGO called Team Everest . Karthee is the founder member of this NGO and is involved with the NGO full time. Vivek has been following his work since last 1 year and it seems Karthee is very passionate about what he does – He seems to have a true desire to bring a positive change in the society. Karthee has been kind enough to accept Vivek as his chief staff officer and Koshika would be looking after one of their computer centers. As Karthee is based out of Chennai, we will be relocating to Chennai for a month (Flight tickets already booked :-)).

August 2016 – This is mostly going to be a family month

  • We have Koshika’s father, Vivek’s father birthdays, Rakshabandhan festival and Koshika’s father retiring in this month. Hence there will be lot of to and fro between Delhi and Gwalior (Remember, Gwalior is a small town of India)
  • In the last week of August,we are planning a trip to Mount Abu (Another hill station of India) with Koshika’s brother’s family (Again flight tickets already booked :-))
  • How did we forget to mention about the destination wedding !! In 3rd week of August, we will be attending a destination wedding in Jaipur (which is around 4 hours drive from Delhi). This is going to be the first destination wedding of our life that we will attend. Indian weddings are known to be grand and such special weddings are much grander than normal weddings !!! It will be fun (or sad) to see people wasting hard earned money and resources

Sept 2016

  • Approx. 10 days trip to Mumbai (Economic capital of India), Shirdi (A popular religious destination) and Ajanta/Ellora (UNESCO world heritage site) with Koshika’s parents
  • 4 days trip to Golden temple (Religious destination) and Wagah border post (This is a border post between India and Pakistan where soldiers of both countries have their respective national flag hoisting ceremony everyday in evening – During the ceremony the soldiers do a lot of entertainment. Must visit if you get an opportunity)

Oct 2016

  • We will do the much awaited 15 days grand trip to Bhutan with Vivek’s parents. Bhutan is the country which coined the ‘Gross National Happiness Index’ and tracks it on regular basis. While doing our research on Bhutan, who ever we talked to highlighted that citizens of Bhutan distinctly look happier than citizens of other countries. We are looking forward to this trip – We might like Bhutan so much that we may decide to settle there or spend more time (Choices, choices and choices… that’s what FI is all about.Right?) Vivek’s comment – Pari, happy now? I have used the sentence for the 3rd time now?

Remaining days in all the months are still open and research is on to decide what to do. In these open days we plan to do the Art of living course and rent out one of the rooms of our primary residence through Airbnb (Primarily for learning and experience)

Expenses for these 5 months sabbatical

How can an FI family lead a life without thinking about this 🙂

During this 5 months sabbatical, we will be spending a 60% more than our regular post-FI India budget. This extra expenditure will account for the travel and a little pampering that we have decided to give ourselves during these 5 months.

As after 5 months sabbatical, we are coming back to US, we are not selling all our stuff. We are keeping some stuff in storage which will obviously incur cost 🙂

Our monthly US expenses during the 5 months sabbatical will be as follows:

Health Insurance premium: USD 450
Storage space rental: USD 50 (We are selling off all the big items like sofa, dining table etc. Hence will be renting out a small locker)
Car insurance: USD 60 (One of our friends has been kind enough to offer to keep our car at his place. So no car storage cost)

Total monthly expenses in US: $ 560


8 thoughts on “Finally kicking off new phase of our life – Going on a 5 months sabbatical on 1st June 2016

  1. Wow..thats amazing. I am in the same boat; but not yet started sailing. I would like to get in touch with you; could you please share your contact details ( mamidoju at gmail dot com).


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