What’s This Blog All About??

We are an FI couple whose FI journey started a few years back. This blog talks about our life after achieving FI. Through this blog we wish to motivate people towards FI. The blog will be helpful for those who want to kick-start their FI journey or are on their path to FI. For those already there, this blog will give them a peek into our life and the experiences that we are gathering in our journey. We hope to connect with them and  wish to exchange our experiences for mutual benefit.

For further details on the blog, Read on…..

From the Blog title, anyone can make out that this blog is about our life after Financial Independence. But what is this Financial Independence?

For the starters, FI means:
When your monthly investment income is more than your monthly expenses and you don’t have to depend on an active job for living. (Definition of FI in simplest form)

This blog is about our life after achieving FI. Through this blog, we intend to motivate people to be FI by showing them how life after FI is.

The best way to browse through the blog is through categories’ that you see on the right side. A short explanation of few categories can be found below (Actual categories are many more than mentioned here – We keep adding categories as and  when we publish new posts)

Currently, the blog is categorized into following categories:

  • Life Updates

Any major updates in our life are covered in this section.

What’s in it for the reader?

We feel that those who are following our life as an FI family would want to know – what is currently going on in our life and how are we faring on our plans. As the only constant in this world is change, things might not always be as per the plan. In such situations, one is often faced with the challenge of choosing a path. The section tells the readers about such challenges confronted by us and the path that we took.

  • Every Day a New Experience:

We feel that every day that we live, brings fresh experiences and learnings. FI has opened our minds by releasing us from the tensions presented by the mundanity of life and pressures that are created while working to earn a living. With more space in our life, we are more receptive to new thoughts and ideas and seek new experiences. In this section, we present such new experiences and thoughts that come to us. This section is almost like a daily experience log book, though, to maintain quality, we do not intend to capture the experiences strictly on daily basis. Penning down these experiences prompts us more to seek new ones.

What’s in it for the reader?

Life is made up of small pleasures. The big ones come too infrequently. And if you don’t collect all these tiny pleasures, the big ones don’t really mean much.“, said someone.

This section covers small experiences, thoughts and learnings that are happening to us everyday.  Through this section, the readers get a peek into the life of an FI family – how FI is enriching our life by providing us opportunities to seek new experiences.

  • Travel

Will capture details of all our travel adventure

What’s in it for the reader?

Post-FI, we do a lot of research before visiting a place and the readers can leverage our research – Pick up our itinerary, insight into why we decided to include something in our itinerary, best blogs to refer to for the specific destination, our thought process while taking critical decisions etc.

The blog is still in its nascent stages and we are working to incorporate many other useful posts. Below is a snapshot of what you can expect to see in our blog shortly.

Coming up…

  • We have created our logo that portrays what FI means to us and how it is helping us in making our life more fulfilling. Stay tuned for our Logo Launch !
  • We will soon be adding below 2 categories to the blog:
      • Pre-FI

This section will cover our journey to FI – What prompted this idea, how did we start and finally how did we reach there.

What will be in it for the reader?

This section will be helpful for those aspiring to be FI or those who have started their FI journey. They will be able to get ideas on how to set financial and FI goals, how to set FI time-frame targets, what factors to consider while setting such goals, how to time various life events as per goals, and many other related things that are needed to achieve FI.

      • How we did it:

We usually purchase things after a thorough research which includes reading reviews and knowing complete ins and outs of the product so that we find the best product to meet our requirements. Usually, we do end up in a success and are satisfied with our purchase. This category will include how we shortlisted a product and  our reviews on it.

What will be in it for the reader?

If any of our readers are also looking for the same product, this could be a ready-reckoner for them as they will find all the information related to the product at a single place. Moreover, the entire blog is focused towards sharing our life as an FI couple with the world, and this is something that we quite often do, especially after our FI.

Hope you enjoy our journey.

Happy Reading!!!


7 thoughts on “What’s This Blog All About??

  1. FI at 33! DreamDreamDream. I thrive on stories like this! Please share your Pre-FI journey, the lessons and tips on keeping the drive! Love to hear about the fruits of the labour as well! Well Done!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. yes me too looking forward to see your adventures ! if you accept suggestions, I request to add pintrest (pinnning link) and facebook subscribe link. thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    • We welcome your suggestions…thanks!!!
      We don’t yet have a facebook page. Can we still put FB subscribe link?

      This suggestion of yours is now the topmost thing in our blog to-dos list. In the meantime, in case you want to follow our blog, you can subscribe for email notifications.


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