Going back to our roots – Our wonderful visit to India

We have been long absent from our blog. The reason – just could not get back on track after our 3 week visit to India. We now come back with many beautiful experiences and memories of our homeland.

We had the entire trip pre-planned to include meeting with friends and family and visiting places. Luckily, we were able to meet most of our friends as per plan.

Gwalior – Celebration, Seminar, Zoo & Golgappas: Showed off my hometown to my Better Half for the first time!

Just two days after we landed in India (New Delhi), we had to go to my hometown – Gwalior, to meet the newest addition to our family – Arsh, my nephew, and to attend his birth celebration, which was planned to coincide with our visit. The function also gave us an opportunity to meet our extended family. What’s noteworthy in the function was a beautiful hand-made Pin-board with baby nappies and clothes to write wishes on. All the guests wrote their wishes on those nappies and clothes that were hanging through a clothespin. Another noteworthy thing was a flex-poster with Arsh’s photos – it really added to the beauty of the function hall. Continue reading


Update on our FI Journey

After our first post, we didn’t write anything about our FI journey 😦 Not that we were busy, but it was plain laziness 😦 😦 Finally here comes an update (Better late than never!!!)…

We are very pleased to announce that our NAV (Net asset value) touched our FI goal on June 6th, 2014 !!!! Volaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙂 🙂 Technically, now there is no need for us to earn, we can sustain (actually, lead a luxurious life) on the interest income from our investments:-)

Though, at ground level, not much has changed yet in our life after this milestone. He is still in a full time corporate job.

What has changed after FI ?? Continue reading

Every Day A New Experience (February 21st, 2015): Yes, we did it!!!

Yesterday, he got an upgrade to Android 5.0.1 Lollipop on his Samsung Galaxy S4. I have the same handset, but was still with the old Kitkat. He got a reason to tease the tech savvy wifey, and she was obviously J 😛
Determined to get the upgrade on her phone too, she scourged the internet and came across a method that could give her success! He kept telling her not to meddle with the phone lest the phone be damaged. After few trials, there was success 🙂 Not that it was a tough task, but still we enjoyed doing it, and more so because of all the praises she got from hubby dear.

Every Day A New Experience (February 17th, 2015): Home-Schooling…What a concept!!!

Our 2 yr old will soon be starting school. Around a year back when we both were discussing about selection of schools, we contemplated non-conventional schooling; but ended the discussion by parking the thoughts for then, as it was too early. Today, his love for reading blogs brought him to an interesting post on home-schooling. We spent a lot of time reading and discussing the topic. Actually we loved the thoughts in the blog post. Though it is a challenge and a huge responsibility to develop the course content, schedules and delivery methods, we feel it is really an excellent way of learning and development of our kids and can definitely bring out their best.

Every Day A New Experience (February 16th, 2015): Eating out & shopping on our Engagement Anniversary

Today is our 6th Roka (Engagement) Anniversary. This is the day that tied us both together for life. We celebrated it by visiting Olive Garden restaurant for dinner. It has always been our favorite and visiting it after 5 months made the experience more special. The food tasted the same (delicious!!!) at this outlet as compared to the one we used to visit when we were in York, PA. But location does matter…this was much more crowded and noisy.

Last week we went to purchase a dress for Pari for an upcoming family celebration. We researched the entire mall to make sure that we buy the best one. Macy’s, Kohl’s and other children stores didn’t have anything in comparison to what we found at JC Penney. We ended up buying a Disney Princess dress from JC Penney even though it didn’t create that wow effect, but that was still the best of all. Today while visiting Mill Creek Mall, Secaucus, we just happened to visit BabiesRus and by chance saw some Disney Princess dresses. We loved them much better in terms of quality, colors and overall look and immediately bought one for Pari. The earlier one will have to go back now. So happy to find a perfect dress that too without planning for it.

Today, we visited T.J. Maxx for the first time. We have heard from friends that it has good stuff at good prices. Reebok PJ’s with price tag of $70 at $19.99 flat!!!!! And this was the case with most of the good brands housed in that store! If it was not for an established store like TJ Maxx, we would think that all of them are fakes. Found a good store today and got new steal deal PJs 🙂