Finally kicking off new phase of our life – Going on a 5 months sabbatical on 1st June 2016

football-389405Finally finally finally 🙂 Yes Yes Yes !!!! We are going on a 5 months sabbatical to get a feel of how life is without a full time corporate job 🙂 After the sabbatical, there is a possibility that Vivek will join back corporate job with replenished energy and enthusiasm or he might enjoy sabbatical so much that he might decide to discontinue the corporate job soon.. It is all about choices, choices and choices… that’s what FI is all about. Right? 🙂
Pari’s (Our beloved daughter) comment – ‘Daddy, Nice that you have used 3 words 3 times in this para, you should do this with all the words as I am 3 years old

It feels like deja vu…. Around 2 years back, Vivek had similar plans but at the last moment, circumstances changed and Vivek was pulled back into corporate job crushing his grand plans

This time, again Vivek has planned out things with rejuvenated determination of not letting anything crush the plans (Koshika’s comment – Vivek said this last time as well… Huh!!). Vivek is going on a 5 month sabbatical on 1st June 2016 and will be joining back on 1st Nov 2016 and we plan to spend all these 5 months in India. Hurray!! Continue reading


Every Day A New Experience (February 15th, 2015): Blog it baby!

When we initially decided to pen down our daily experiences everyday, we did not think of putting them in a blog at all. But today, out of nowhere it occurred to us that why not put these experiences in a blog for the world to see?
He always wanted to have an active blog maintained by both of us. This is going to fulfill his wish too.
Loved working together…good start just after V-day!


What after FI ?? Plan for the first year’s adventure (The last three are closest to my heart)


I have been working towards FI since last couple of years but still don’t have a clear answer to ‘What After FI???’ Unlimited pondering….. but still no answer. Here is my solution

– Create free time in life

– Let new experiences enter your life

– On your way, you will find your passion

Now that I am so close to FI, we (Me and my wife) talk a lot about ‘Life After FI’. We have decided that the theme for the 1st year is going to be ‘Relish New Experiences’. For now the plan for first year is as follows (This is just the first draft – All suggestions are welcomed!)

1 month: Delhi with my parents. I am out of the country since last 1 year and that’s why want to spend quality time with my parents. Enjoy with friends & family, visit historical places, watch lot of movies in multiplex, watch plays etc (Needless to say,  as much as possible, these activities will be done with my parents) Continue reading