Favorite 5, out of the 63 blogs that we read!!

Favorite 5, out of the 63 blogs that we read related to finance, travel and early retirement!!

Just 13 more days to go before we kick-off our sabbatical. There is a growing flutter in our stomach as the date approaches 🙂 🙂 Though our life has been very busy with Vivek’s office, packing/ selling stuff and planning 5 months sabbatical, but we are already in sabbatical mood 🙂 We are way more productive these days and have a lot more drive to do things. Because of all this excitement, Vivek gets up very early in the morning and that too without an alarm – Getting up early gives Vivek more number of hours to relish the sabbatical euphoria. We are utilizing this extra time and energy to identify new goals in life – Koshika recently got Zumba instructor license and is about to start offering Zumba classes.

Vivek has joined a mastermind group consisting of entrepreneurs (Expect a separate post on this soon!), has started regular meditation sessions through Headspace app and is preparing for a 5K race. He is also planning to experiment with toastmaster sessions and to attend the introduction session of Rising Tide Capital (Community Business Academy)!!!

With so many interesting things going on, our life is definitely on a roll. But among all these, there is one thing that is closest to Vivek’s heart, something that he yearns to do whole day and is kind of a meditation to him… Any guesses? You are absolutely right – that is Blog reading!!! You win a prize for answering such a tough question correctly! 🙂 Continue reading


After 60 hours of research, this is the itinerary that we came up for our Bhutan trip

After 60 hours of research, this is the itinerary that we came up for our Bhutan trip

Pre-FI, Vivek avoided traveling as it added to his workload (Research, ticket booking, hotel booking – All this added more items to his already exploding to-do list!!!) but now it is altogether a different ball game. We now spend countless hours researching the new destination and try to learn as much as possible about it.

If you have read our sabbatical post, you already know that we are planning a Bhutan trip in the month of Oct 2016. In our post-FI life, we prefer slow travel but this Bhutan trip is an exception as it is with Vivek’s parents and we don’t think they will enjoy our style of slow travel 🙂 but we have tried to keep the trip a little laid back. Research is complete, itinerary is complete, the only thing left is booking and the actual trip 🙂 Continue reading

Update on our FI Journey

After our first post, we didn’t write anything about our FI journey 😦 Not that we were busy, but it was plain laziness 😦 😦 Finally here comes an update (Better late than never!!!)…

We are very pleased to announce that our NAV (Net asset value) touched our FI goal on June 6th, 2014 !!!! Volaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙂 🙂 Technically, now there is no need for us to earn, we can sustain (actually, lead a luxurious life) on the interest income from our investments:-)

Though, at ground level, not much has changed yet in our life after this milestone. He is still in a full time corporate job.

What has changed after FI ?? Continue reading